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    Right now the future of the country is not between Democrats and Republicans. It is between liberal/progressive Democrats and conservative Democrats. A consolidation of all Democrats behind progressive policies would be a step forward for human rights. 40 years of conservative influence have given us health care and a college education that most people can't afford. A growing income gap. A President that is in the income class that benefits from recessions and depressions. It is time to build a productive economy that benefits everybody. Money and trading has to be regulated back into the economy. The tax code has to be reformed to prevent accumulating so much money that Democracy can be short circuited to the benefit of a few while underming the "National" interest. National is nation which is all the people. Trump lied again claiming to be a nationalist. He is a plutocrat.

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    Remember this:

    "Big businesses get a large, permanent tax cut, while American families receive only temporary tax relief that expires" in 2023. The tax increase would mostly hit moderate and middle-income families because a credit designed to help them expires after five years."