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    lonely bird:

    Your phrase "hatred for intelligence" reminds me of the fact that the Chinese Cultural Revolution started on this day in 1966. One of the main targets of the revolution were intellectuals.

    " The Cultural Revolution damaged China's economy and traditional culture, with an estimated death toll ranging from hundreds of thousands to 20 million.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Beginning with the Red August of Beijing, massacres took place across mainland China, including the Guangxi Massacre, in which massive cannibalism also occurred;[7][8] the Inner Mongolia incident; the Guangdong Massacre; the Yunnan Massacres; and the Hunan Massacres. Red Guards destroyed historical relics and artifacts, as well as ransacking cultural and religious sites. The 1975 Banqiao Dam failure, one of the world's greatest technological catastrophes, also occurred during the Cultural Revolution. Meanwhile, tens of millions of people were persecuted: senior officials, most notably Chinese president Liu Shaoqi, along with Deng Xiaoping, Peng Dehuai, and He Long, were purged or exiled; millions were accused of being members of the Five Black Categories, suffering public humiliation, imprisonment, torture, hard labor, seizure of property, and sometimes execution or harassment into suicide; intellectuals were considered the "Stinking Old Ninth" and were widely persecuted—notable scholars and scientists such as Lao She, Fu Lei, Yao Tongbin, and Zhao Jiuzhang were killed or committed suicide. Schools and universities were closed with the college entrance exams cancelled. Over 10 million urban intellectual youths were sent to the countryside in the Down to the Countryside Movement.

    The cultural revolution was a disaster for China.

    In 1978, Deng Xiaoping became the new paramount leader of China and started the "Boluan Fanzheng" program which gradually dismantled the Maoist policies associated with the Cultural Revolution, and brought the country back to order. Deng then began a new phase of China by initiating the historic Reforms and Opening-Up program. In 1981, the Communist Party of China declared that the Cultural Revolution was "responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the country, and the people since the founding of the People's Republic."[9][10][11]


    Today, the GOP is the party that is opposed to intellectuals and higher education.

    If Republicans in the Arizona Legislature get their way, public school teachers could be fined $5,000 for advocating a less racist society.

    Of course, that’s not how the supporters of Senate Bill 1532 see it. They see it as a way of keeping something called Critical Race Theory out of schools.

    What is that?

    Well, Arizona State University associate professor Rashad Shabazz says it’s not about trying to make white people feel bad, but “to undermine and destroy white supremacy. It is trying to create anti-racist policy.”

    Still, GOP lawmakers don’t want any white kids feeling bad about racism so they’ve fashioned a bill that would prohibit teachers from attributing “any form of blame or judgement on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex” and requires teachers to present controversial issues “from diverse and contending perspectives without giving deference to any one perspective.”

    I’m no education professional but I’d guess the “without giving deference” requirement would be a little tricky with a subject like racism.

    And the term “controversial issues” is very, VERY broad and covers almost everything.

    The bill also says that a “violation of the prohibition on controversial issues” could lead to a $5,000 fine.

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    Repuglicans are the bad acid.

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    The massacre in Guyana occurred 43 years ago today.

    The History Channel published a good summary this morning:

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    This only shows that there are plenty of "religious weirdo's" here, so I would not be surprised if such is repeated in the future.

    Especially in the Republican Party there are plenty of lunatics; let's hope they eradicate themselves without "murder" ; their fantastic "leader" at least had a few "killed" like Khashoki, Ginsburg, Epstein and some others.