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Midterm Election Results (2018)

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    From what I have watched on TV, the "Democratic wave" was largely due to expanding the base of first time voters in midterms. By contrast, the Republican efforts were largely focused on getting out their loyal base...but not expanding it. Overall Democrats still fell short of voter participation compared to presidential elections, but much better when compared to previous midterms.

    Regarding impeachment proceedings, I think it might indeed be best to let Trump stay in office until 2020, unless a solid case for treason can be made by Mueller. The Trump effect of 2018 can help Democratic voter turnout again in 2020 if he is still president. However, if Trump is impeached by the House to make liberals feel good, but survives a Senate trial, he can claim victory again. It can have the opposite effect...demoralize liberals and energize Republicans enough to perhaps even re-elect him in defiance.

    Emotions trump critical thinking, and that applies to both parties.

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    Schmidt, somehow I get the feeling that we all become nuts before 2020 if he stays on. What will Mueller do? What other crazy things Trump will do. What will McConnell and his idiots do? What if there is an huge stock market crash, worse then we already had? What about things with China, N.Korea, Iran, the refugee's at the border, the fires in CA, other hurricanes to come? etc. etc. With this ignorant leader then you know the outcome.
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    Dutch -- Yes, I agree with you. But with a "President Pence" might we all be asked to just look to the Bible for guidance and participate in weekly prayer meetings for inspiration and direction on stock market crashes, hurricanes, drought and floods. Maybe we will be asked to build arks.

    Pence and God will forgive Trump through Pence's pardon of him. How will that play out?

    Maybe Pence will pick newly re-elected Representative Greg Gianforte (the body slammer) in Montana as his VP. As Gianforte has pointed out, Noah worked until he was 600 years old. So who needs Medicare and Social Security? Just keep working until you die. It's the Christian way.

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    Great reply! I forgot to tell you that I'm 300 years old, thus yet an long way to go thus time enough to built a rocket to Jupiter . But yeah Pence will safe us and we will live forever, as long as we fill the pockets of the preachers, so then they all will have private planes parked before the church, with a picture of Jesus on the tail fin. What a country; you better move to S, Africa or Iceland and observe the "circus" from there with an good bottle of S.African wine..
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    Mark Sanford published an insightful letter in today's New York Times.

    After serving 3 terms as a congressman in a district that had not elected a Democrat in 40 years, he lost in the primary to a mini-Trump, who got beaten badly by a Democrat. If you read between the lines, he is warning the GOP will continue to lose elections that they should win if the party continues to be the party of Trump.

    Sure, some of the crazy Republicans got re-elected (Steve King in Iowa, Paul Gosar in Arizona, and the dead pimp in Nevada), but Marth McSally's embrace of Trump caused her to lose to Kyrsten Sinema, who just became the first female senator in the state. Anti-Trump fever also got a gay governor elected in a state where a baker was allowed to NOT bake a wedding cake for a gay couple,

    Although Beto O'Rourke lost to lyin' Ted in Texas, he DID raise a lot more money than Cruz, and his campaign will have a ripple effect for years to come.

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    I was an insurance underwriter for more than 25 years. As a result, I compulsively fact check everything that I read. Over the years, I have discovered that conservative sources are not as reliable as liberal ones. A prime example of an article that I read in the Arizona Republic this morning. (It had actually been written by Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review:

    On the surface, Lowry's article seems to make sense.

    Then I went to a site that is actually far more reliable, the New York Times. Their story paints a far different picture:

    I read the Daily Caller *started by Tucker Carlson) every day just to see how wacky the conservatives can get.

    As we have all discovered, if you want to know the truth, rely on liberal sources


    The National Review was started by William Buckley in 1955:

    Pointedly, they did not endorse Donald Trump in 2016