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axis of evil

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    For 3 generations this axes of evil has been spreading death and destruction around the world.

    The axis of evil is the U.S. Government, the Israeli Government and the Saudi Government.

    The U.S. Government has been supplying Israel and the Saudis with advance weapon systems for generations and both these governments have been slaughtering and maiming 10's of thousands of their neighbors with these weapons and for over 3 years the U.S. Government and the Saudis have been committing one of the worst war crimes in human history in Yemen.

    The corporate mass news media got hysterical about a single guy getting murdered in a embassy by that murdering scum bag leader in Saudi Arabia yet has refused to tell the American people about the war crimes going on in Yemen and one can only conclude that America's corporate mass media is being run by a bunch of creepy, crawling hypocrites who are benefiting big time financially from these on going war crimes and one must not forget it was Saudis who destroyed those twin towers.

    It is time to destroy these 3 evil governments.