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Trump's rally's etc.

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    Guess what Trump is going to increase his rally's; I STILL WONDER WHO PAYS FOR ALL THIS FUN; including all the secret service, the plane cost, the arrangement cost, the pay-offs etc. I hope someone checks if it is paid for by the GOP; if not drag him before an court. Also the "lying" is increased by 100 %; like he screamed at the last rally, that if you vote Democrat, that they will take your healthcare away. I think "he" will do it, not the other way around. In the meantime all his "outings including "rally's" have cost well over 500 million by now; a better use would have been to give it to FEMA.

    Also, where is Obama? he said he would also rally and happened only once.

    An other thing is Mueller; Kussner did not pay his taxes for years; Mueller questioned him and let him free to roam and even gave his "clearances" back. What is wrong with this picture? If someone did collude with the Russians then it was Kussner who loaned plenty of money from the Russian bank(s). What about the "timing" of anything Mueller does; if he waits too long the chaos only gets bigger; look at the Kavanaugh thing; he should add such to his report because it was all an corrupt process from the start. If Mueller continues forever, until 2020 and produces nothing; then he may as well resign, because by then this whole country is falling of the cliff.