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Make Mr. Trump Unelectable

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    wwjd Wrote:
    Dave Volek Wrote:

    The D's are no answer. They too have their fair share of skulduggery and unsavory characters.

    Absolutely true. In the past I have made the satirical joke "Republicans are masters at dirty politics, and the Democrats do their best to beat Republicans at their own game"

    Its a bit like MAD's magazine's comic Spy vs Spy, or in the TV series MASH's episodes where two separate US spy agencies spend more time spying each other than they do the enemy.

    As you have pointed out, politics in general is counter productive to running a honest, fair, and efficient government.


    One of the first things I learned about being in a political party is that sacrifices to our integrity have to be made--if we want our party to win the election. Certain deals need to be cut, certain actions require expediency over principle, and certain discussion needs to be stifled. No well meaning person can get around those forces.

    In my book, I suggested that we monitor how much of a politician's time is spent on politics (i.e., planning to win the next election) vs. governance (trying to find that right balance to running a good society). Even if the political side is only 30%, that 30% is still inefficient!

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    Russian bank and the Trump organization. Interesting article.