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Fake News.

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    Again nothing new; as long as our laws and election process is not changed "without money" and no tax retuns or no"background checks" then we will for sure get more "idiots" in the future and even may get Trump back in 2024 or an similar person.

    Do something about our election laws and "process", if not then I wish this country lots of luck.

    I guess this country and its "dumb ass people" refuses to learn anything from previous mistakes all the time. Only the "book" writers benefit.

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    Even before Trump got elected, we were inundated with fake news, and that trend continues today. In fact, a lot of misinformation about COVID comes from foreign sources, especially Russia.

    When Ronny Jackson was the White House doctor, he claimed that Trump was in "excellent shape", which is obviously fake news.

    Now that he is an elected official in Texas, he is still spreading fake news.

    He claims that the Omicron virus is a Democratic ruse to help them in the 2022 midterm elections.

    The picture below shows why Trump is NOT in excellent health:

    Trump was rated at 6'3" inches and 239 pounds. The other guy is 6'2" and 232 pounds.


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    The shape Trump is in is an reflection of the "shape" this country is in. I just wonder about the people here, the "message" is loud and "clear" : this country is going down the drain in a hurry, certainly the "mentality" and the "partisan" gap in governing will hasten the downfall. Most people here absolutely don't care or are already so indoctrinated, that they have no clue about what is going on , because they keep looking at the "wrong" media which "feeds" the mis-information day in and day out. Biden is too set in his "old "60's" ways and still thinks, he can convince the Trump party of what is right or wrong; while this party does not give a shit about what he's saying. In the meantime the whole "house of cards" is collapsing around him, but does not realize such. As long as he did not undo all the Trump "appointments" in the Government, then he will keep "loosing". The same applies to the "justice system" which was fully injected by Trump minded Judges and "lawyers" and even the Supreme Court is tilted under the Trump reign. Thus if Biden wants "unity" , then he will be playing an loosing game for sure. Amen