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those were the days

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    At the beginning of the early 1970's hit show, "all in the family", Archie and Edith sang "those were the days". One of he lines in the song was "mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again".

    Herbert Hoover, of course, was a disaster for the country, and it took FDR quite a few years to repair the damage.

    One little known fact about Hoover is that he illegally deported 1.8 million Mexicans in the late 20's and early 30's - and 60% of them were U.S. citizens. That is EXACTLY what Trump would like to do now. The March story from the Atlantic goes into more detail:

    If you don't think that history repeats itself, consider these facts: (1) before he became president, Hoover was a businessman who had never held elected office before becoming president (2) Donald Trump's father was arrested at a KKK rally in New York in 1927 (where two people were killed) , along with a few other "very fine people" (3) although redistricting was a factor in Al Smith's defeat in the 1928 election that brought Hoover the presidency, he was primarily defeated due to the same anti-Catholic rhetoric that nearly defeated Jack Kennedy in 1960 (4) Hoover was strongly opposed to the programs instituted by FDR, just as Trump is opposed to the programs put in place by Obama (5) Warren Harding's administration was the most corrupt administration in our history, but Trump's is actually a LOT worse

    I read this morning that Trump still wants to include funding for his wall in the budget that needs to be passed soon, and both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are trying to talk him out of it so that it doesn't cause a government shutdown just before the mid-terms. As the anonymous op-ed article points out, trying to convince Trump of anything is often a lost cause, which means the last few weeks of September are going to be VERY interesting.

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    Guy, an excellent piece; compliments!!
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    The only thing I can add, looking at history and the present state of this country, that all of this is an self inflicted huge wound, by sticking to antique laws which were written poorly or incomplete (which requires a zillion lawyers to interpret) and the refusal of all past and today's governments to update those to reflect an modern complex society. Case laws don't cut it; as has been proven, because idiots like Kavanaugh have different idea's. As long as nothing is done to change the voting system; no "electoral college, no billions of "money" in it, then the corruption will continue as in any banana republic. The "chaos" will only get bigger because of the baked in "system" here.