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Was Trump chosen by God?

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    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    You sure brought back a lot of memories. This song was released by the Animals way back in 1968. Due to the length of the song (7:27), you had to listen to both sides of the 45 rpm record to hear the entire song.

    If you can spare 7 minutes or so, it's fun to watch the video. You may notice that Hitler (who was raised a Catholic) makes an appearance.

    The Nazi belt buckle (see below) read Gott mit uns, which is translated as "God is with us".

    Songs of our times past, The Animals were one of the best groups for that, I also used to listen to San Franciscan Nights because after leaving home in '68, San Francisco was a place too far, so I settled with KCMO, not a great place to settle, but I did meet two Missouri Minutemen who were way out there, far out. They were rednecks and very much into God. I wasn't. As for me during the Viet Nam era, I watched the selective service drawings to see if my number to go had been called up, it was something I feared would happen, but I got lucky.

    I'll bet there's only a few lawmakers on Capital Hill whose sons and daughters serve as enlisted, most that do end up starting out as second lieutenants or warrant officers, and I'd imagine very few see action.

    Here's some lyric excerpts which you might recognize as a anti war song from 1970:

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight
    They leave that all to the poor, yeah

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    Reminds me of Quayle claiming genuine patriotic motive for enlisting in the National Guard. Dan Quayle claimed his enlistment in the National Guard was totally unaffected by influential people in his circle. He felt totally satisfied that he performed a patriotic duty by enlisting in the national guard. The only problem is the national guard was impossible to get into unless influential people became involved. That was common knowledge at the time.

    Sensator Bob Kerrey said about Quayle:

    "It's not as if he did something cowardly; I don't think so at all. But if he tries to hype himself as a young man waving a flag and feeling patriotic, most of us who went through that experience are going to know he's full of it," Kerry said. "When you're 20 years old, you do things for self-preservation." "

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    Pompeo visited Israel; he said he was glad that "god" had selected Trump as President. Yes, Pompeo belongs also to the "looney" group around Trump. I hope they all will disappear in 2020; that must be "god's' will as well. This country is an huge joke!!!
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    In January, Trump went on record as saying that he wanted Bible literacy taught in public schools:

    Be careful what you wish for, Donald.

    For one thing, the Bible calls for adulterers to be stoned, which means you would have been flattened a LONG time ago.

    When I read the Koran, I found that it read a lot like the Old Testament, but was about the length of the New Testament. One of the best examples of why its important NOT to follow the teachings of a holy book can be found in present day Brunei.

    The nation operates under a strict interpretation of Islam called sharia law, and it's pretty scary stuff.

    Adultery and gay sex can be punished by stoning. Hands and feet can be amputated for robbery.

    Due to its oil reserves, the sultan of Brunei is one of the richest people in the world, but not everyone in the country shares his wealth. He lives in a mansion that has 1788 rooms, and he owns roughly 7000 vehicles, most of which are expensive luxury or sports cars.

    Brunei's GDP per capita is $28, 291, higher than the GDP of Saudi Arabia.

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    As I've said so many times; religion is the curse of humanity. Sorry people there is no ghost floating up there which determines what you do. All of this is an "human/animal instinct" issue. The "humans' who started all this shit wanted "power" over the people, just like Trump is doing. "Scare" is an great "tool" if you scream it from the pulpit or "rally".

    Thus wake up America; there is no ghost or an long dead Jesus in your backyard or floating above your house. Sorry but this globe is self contained and your prayers are just reverberations in thin air which don't reach Mars, let alone your front door.

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    From early in Trump’s presidential candidacy, his biggest religious supporters—indeed, his only religious supporters for a while—were charismatic Christians like pastors Paula White and Darrell Scott. They were drawn to Trump, and he to them, because of their embrace of the prosperity gospel. Also sometimes referred to as “health and wealth” theology, this belief holds that God rewards faith with good health and financial success. By those very simple metrics, a billionaire like Donald Trump, whether his fortune came from family, scams or a higher power, must be a very faithful man.

    Other religious conservatives supported Trump in 2016 for reasons familiar to any Fox News viewer: a fear of globalism, the deep state, George Soros the former Nazi collaborator, wide-scale election fraud. They liked Trump because he said he liked them, told them they were persecuted, and vowed to stand up for them. He said he would bring back “Merry Christmas.” He told them they were important.

    A Catholic holy man named Thomas Zimmer who spent much of his life in Italy even claimed to have received a prophesy in the 1980's that Trump would “lead America back to religion.”

    “Millions of Americans,” declared Robert Jeffress at a July 2017 event his First Baptist Church of Dallas sponsored in Washington, D.C., “believe the election of President Trump represented God giving us another chance—perhaps our last chance to truly make America great again.”

    “we each thanked God in our own way that Hillary Clinton was not going to be the next commander in chief.”

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    Look to the Heavens and see a huge plane branded Trump replaced by USA One and it is hard to convince the masses divine intervention is not involved. Trump represents what most people grow up hearing is success.
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    All I can say; sorry people all your B.S. is only created on this tiny planet by people themselves; once dead your "money" has no meaning, nor "religion"; sorry again, there are no "human" churches up there, unless some astronaut built one on Mars.

    "Souls" don't exist, ask your doctor where it is located. Let alone that anything in your body can "fly" and has not the coordinates stored where "heaven" is, let alone has enough energy to escape earth's gravity. Ask NASA. Even the people who wrote the "bible" said that "you will turn to dust". Amen

    But yeah, the politicians love it, because it means that those "believers" are the easiest to manipulate.

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    About the title of this thread; I believe if there would be an "god" thing, then if such a "thing" would have "brains"; then such "thing" never would have "selected" such total idiots as Trump and his "disciples". Or this "god" thing wants this planet in ruins, because it makes too much "noise" in the "universe" and disturbs even Mars and the Moon. But yeah, I guess such "god thing" is putting way too much effort into all all of this, because the "humans" will self destruct this planet anyway because of "pollution" and "wars" with their fantastic "war machines" paid for by the "poor". Thus actually we don't need an "god thing" at all, we "know it all" and our leaders "alone" can "fix" the world with a few "big bangs". Amen, keep on praying people, help is may be underway from Jupiter.
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    One of the reasons that the evangelical Christians are so enamored by Trump is that they are heavily influenced by wing nuts like Jerry Falwall, who once said, "the idea that religion and politics don't mic was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country".

    Jerry Falwell Sr. founded a megachurch in Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1956, Liberty Christian Academy in 1967, and Liberty University in 1971. He also founded the Moral Majority in 1979. It played a key role in the mobilization of conservative Christians as a political force and particularly in Republican presidential victories throughout the 1980's. If you read through his biography, you'll notice that he has a lot of wacky ideas. Upon his death in 2007, his son Jerry Jr. took over as president.

    Trump addressed Liberty University as a candidate in January 2016, where he famously misquoted "2 Corinthians" instead of Second Corinthians - a mistake that he blamed on his speechwriter. He also addressed the graduating class in the spring of 2017, shortly after he was sworn in.

    If you read Jr's biography, you'll notice that he is even crazier than his dad:

    1) he doesn't believe in gun control

    2) he called Trump "one of the great visionaries of our times"

    3) he compared Trump to Winston Churchill

    4) after Charlottsville, he said that Trump doesn't have a racist bone in hid body

    5) Asked in a January 2019 interview, "is there anything President Trump could do that would endanger that support from you or other evangelical leaders?", Falwell answered, "no.

    6) In April 2017, Falwell referred to Trump as the "dream president" for evangelicals, and cited "uniting with Israel" and appointing "people of faith" in his administration as the reason why evangelicals support Trump

    7) In November 2016, Falwell said that President-elect Donald Trump offered him the position of United States Secretary of Education

    8) In 2019, Reuters reported that Falwell asked Trump fixer Michael Cohen for a personal favor: to help get rid of photos described by Cohen as being "personal" and of the sort that would typically be kept “between husband and wife.”

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    Arizona, all of this shows, that the people here are very gullible and uneducated, if they fall for the B.S. of these types.

    This shows up in our elections as well; no wonder we get people like Trump. Sorry but all of this is an self inflicted wound, which no one wants to heal. The coming election will even be more corrupted than the previous one, because no one puts in any effort to make elections "honest". Sorry but no "god" thing is going to help this country; it is doomed.

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    Any one familiar with the history of those 3 sky god religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) can only conclude they all have proven to be a total tragedy for all humankind and the planet.

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    progressiveconnie Wrote:

    Any one familiar with the history of those 3 sky god religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) can only conclude they all have proven to be a total tragedy for all humankind and the planet.

    Amen; indeed what good are they still doing today; it only causes more wars and famine as well refugee's.

    May it sounds horrible but if there would be "any god thing", then looking at all the chaos and global warming on this floating rock of dirt, then you may as well promote Trump as an "god thing", because he runs the place as bad as the "thing" on Mars, who is too busy with "running" all the zillion other things in space who don't listen to "it". Ha ha.

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    How could it be that trump, the president from hell, was chosen by god? Would that not be an oxymoron statement?


    syn., contradictive.