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Who's the candidate?

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    Dutch , I agreed with you and it is all a result of appeasing the people at the top. Anything can be rationalized by keeping the boss happy.

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    wwjd Wrote:
    Chet Ruminski Wrote:

    Pick a candidate. The only candidate speaking out for the working poor is Sanders. So why is there no support for Bernie? No other candidate is campaigning a positive program to improve the status of the working class.

    Short Answer: It is just one of many left-of-center issues and its not perceived to be as bad you suggest, at least when compared to poverty around the world. Not suggesting your perception is wrong.

    Longer Answer: My perspective is that we are decades, if not centenaries, away from where humanity focuses on that specific issue as a human right. You are like a person who that was born in the early 1800s and by 1850s firmly states "All races are equal, and anything less than 100% equality under the law is criminal"; at the point in time it would have been too radical for the mainstreanm to accept, but 100+ years later, its fully accepted and put into law.

    For the working class, you are demanding\expecting something that is far ahead of what the human race is ready for and willing to do at this point of human evolution. If we continue with the slavery analogy, the fight for equality still continues over 200 years later, and there are still closed minded people that would love to role back laws to ensure whites always have veto power over minorities. Same goes for the working class, there are those who profit (money and\or power) from keeping people poor, and they want it to stay that way, and for many more decades, the powerful elites will fight a loosing battle to keep poor people poor. Sad for those alive today, we will only seen some incremental progress with some setbacks. But you never know, there could someone rising up right now who will become a great leader for the working class and humanitartian rights, and that person will be the beacon of amazing change, and there will be great change in a short period of time. It has happened so many times in the past, and as it will in endlessly into the future. Orwell's 1984 will never become a reality.

    IMO, President Obama left a leadership void in the democratic party at a time there wasn't any leadership in the republican party, that left the door open for evil to take advantage of lack of strong humanitarian leadership and take temporary control of the nation.... his reign won't last, Trump will be gone just as quickly has he came, and he will leave a massive vacuum in the Republican party, one so large the Republican party may not survive. Trump is like a cancer that requires the amputation of both arms. Imagine how a person could function without any arms? That is what the republican party will be like once trump goes back to playing golf and building trump towers in Russian and NK.

    Very nice analysis by WWJD. Thirty years from now, I think Mr. Trump will be firmly grounded as one of the worst American presidents, but the USA will survive his tenure, whether that be in 2020 or 2024.

    As long as we have electoral system that requires big money to win elections--including the party primaries, big money will have more influence in the electoral process than it should have. We should have a system where money has no influence!

    And as long as big money has its influence, we should not be surprised the D Party does not develop its humanitarian side a little more. Right now, I believe that it believes it can win the 2020 presidency with a dead dog. Hence the better deal maker will get the nomination. Sigh!

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    wwjd said:

    "For the working class, you are demanding\expecting something that is far ahead of what the human race is ready for and willing to do at this point of human evolution."

    wwjd, It is obvious that you don't have a clue what I am talking about. All I ever say is to repeal the laws that deregulated Wall Street. Then I say to give tax and I mean huge tax incentives for jobs producing investing and reciprocal tax penalties for non jobs producing investments. The deregulating laws almost collapsed the economy in 2008. Abolishing that law should not be hard to get support for. Nothing radical just applying law and order to our capitalism.