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Trump has no loyalty.

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    Trump purposely disrespecting John McCain in McCain's death is showing he has no respect for anything. Trump did nothing to win support. He feels specially selected by his god. If ever there will be a weakening of his core support it is now. His unbelievable self centered selfishness in lack of respect for McCain shows his supporters he is a friend of nobody. The fact he can turn on anybody may be the weakening of his core support.
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    There isn't anything that would stop him from throwing anyone under his bus. He's unconscionable.
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    Trump’s willingness to defend his own interests at others’ expense is showing in the final days of his campaign. It is showing generally, with his willingness to expose his supporters to coronavirus infections at his rallies. It is showing more specifically with Trump’s refusal to support endangered Republican Senators who have stood by him and lost support because of it. At Trump’s recent visit to Maine, he did not mention Senator Susan Collins, who is in a tight race with her Democratic challenger, Sara Gideon.

    In Arizona, Trump mocked vulnerable senator Martha McSally. “Martha, just come up fast. Fast. Fast. Come on. Quick. You got one minute!” Trump said, as the senator rushed to the stage for some airtime with the president. “One minute, Martha! They don't want to hear this, Martha. Come on. Let’s go. Quick, quick, quick. Come on. Let’s go.” Trump gave McSally just 60 seconds to speak before turning the microphone over to other national figures.

    For her part, McSally shrugged off Trump’s treatment of her.

    "Give me a break," McSally told reporters Thursday at an event with Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., in Scottsdale. "President Trump will be President Trump, and I'm fighting with him to save the country."

    To political experts who watch Trump and Congress closely, the moment suggested something more.

    Lara Brown, associate professor and the director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, said Trump’s treatment of McSally suggests he doesn’t think she’s going to win Tuesday's special election, which fills the vacancy left by the death of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

    "He doesn’t want to have an association with a losing candidate," she said. "He likes winners."

    Brown added: “This is about his interest in distancing him and his campaign from her. In other words, he thinks she is what is causing him to have trouble in Arizona, not the other way around.”

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    Yes the people who voted for him should be very proud that they never investigated what the guy was all about. Again it shows how terrible dumb the 40% plus here are. DeVos should be already in jail for years as well the new Post Master DeJoy.

    How in "hell" did anyone elect these types for these positions? I know the answer: Who do you "know" and "how much money do you have" and are you "loyal" . Not one word about "qualification" for the job. Yes that shows on how this country is run. All the "qualified" people were tossed out by Trump and his "cronies". I even bet that the Supreme Court "bitch" was asked for "loyalty" before getting the job.

    If you want to run an country such way, then you automatically get an dictatorship; but the stupid people here don't to seem realize such, because they even lack any basic education. Trump's rally's prove such; you must be totally "brainless" to stand in the freezing cold or in the heat, or get the "virus" in his "rally's" just to see the "new" Hitler "lying" all the way out his fat ass.

    I've never in my life seen such, except may be in the 1930's with the "original" Hitler. Shaking my old head in disgust.