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surveillance absurdities

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    The U.S. Congress has been voting billions of tax dollars every year to fund their vast surveillance, fascist, police state in America and such activities are no doubt unconstitutional and therefore illegal not that America's legal systems give a tinkers damn anymore about the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

    When secret service people are getting on planes all over the country and spending 800 million a year surveilling innocent Americans then it is time to abolish every unconstitutional, criminal federal agency in America such as the CIA, School of the Americas, TSA, NSA, Homeland Security and that rotten, evil deep state and the billions saved each year can go to fund health care for all Americans.

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    Security classification ensure that people have to lie. Top secret is just the beginning of high security clearances. There are multiple classifications above that and some have names that are classified . Everything is further protected by need to know.