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Trump Strips Brennan

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    TJ Wrote: I just watched a long segment with Mr. Brennan on Meet the Press. Wow, he's an intelligent and well spoken man. I would love to look towards political contributions from this man. Strength and intelligence. A rarely seen combination.

    Me too. I found it odd, as many people have, that Rudy Juliani said that "truth isn't truth", I was dumbfounded when I heard that quote come from his lips. Now that we know where he's coming from, he must be the one telling Trump that the media is fake news. So, the next time we see weather reports of hurricanes and tornadoes, don't worry, those are fake. So when a tornado knocks a tree onto our homes, don't worry, it's a fake disaster, no need to take shelter.

    Brennan has to walk back his treason charge of Trump now because he has no proof Trump is treasonous. We can all think what we want to think though, I happen to think Trump is guilty of something, why else would he be hindering the Russia probe?

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    A rumor is circulating that Trump is thinking about revoking Obama's security clearance too. Trump has no ethics at all.