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Qualifications to become President in this country.

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    Here some qualifications as has been established right now:

    1) must be a "bully"

    2) should be a racist

    3) hates "immigrants'

    4) hates regulations

    5) hates "animals" ( let's shoot them all)

    6) loves "dictators"

    7) hates an "clean " environment

    8) Hates foreign little kids

    9) Loves Russia and N. Korea

    10) Loves "hookers" and loves to pay them off.

    11) loves stolen "money" or "laundered money"

    12) Loves to bludgeon all trade deals

    13) Loves to spent millions of taxpayer money on himself

    14) Loves to "rally" for himself to boost his "ego"

    15) Does not read, study, analyse anything at all

    16) Loves only himself looking in his "gold" plated mirrors.

    17) Everything is "tremendous"

    18) Ruins everything he touches

    19) Loves "cages" for little kids

    20) Hates the world, except his own "buildings"

    21) Has no manners; what so ever; neither feelings.

    22) Puts his "fat" ass under the British Queen's nose.

    23) Has no clue about governing nor the Constitution.

    24) Does not know what "collusion" means, let alone "treason"

    25) Loves only people who are "loyal" as long as they do what he wants.

    26) Laws or rules don't apply to him; he's beyond the law.

    27) Loves the NRA and "guns" the bigger the better.

    28) Produces at least 2500 lies per year

    29) At least has 2 or 3 "pee" festivals indifferent cities.

    30) Shuts down the government for a "wall"

    Should I go on?

    Anyway if these are the qualifications for an President here, then I wonder about the voting public, if they have any "brains" at all, because they elected someone who has all these qualifications.

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