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Tariffs and Seniors Suffering in Canada

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    I have a friend who has been in the industrial tool repair business for many years. The signing of the 1989 Free Trade Deal between Canada and the United States made his business a lot easier. Instead of waiting two weeks for parts with a small border brokerage fee, he could get any part from a location in the USA within 48 hours. He was able to pass some of those cost savings to his customers, making more tools affordable to repair.

    My mother lives in a seniors home in Brooks, Alberta. Two weeks ago, the home's air conditioning system broke down. The manufacturer is based in Tennessee. One July 1, the Canadian government imposed a counter tariff on manufactured goods coming "red" states. The part was held up in customs for 10 days before it could be released. The people in the seniors' home went through a period of discomfort. Fortunately, the temperature did not rise that high, but . . . .

    To be relevant to the Canadian marketplace, the Tennessee manufacturer will eventually have to set up some kind of Canadian inventory system for its product so that parts can be delivered in a timely manner to its Canadian customers. This cost will be eventually be paid by the Canadian customers.

    Tariffs are not the answer.

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    Free trade is the answer. Derivatives are the death of economies. This great country needs to awaken to the responsibility of a government. Ensuring the national interest of the country. That is happy healthy workers showing the benefits of prosperity over austerity.
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    Dave Volek Wrote:

    Tariffs are not the answer.

    Trump: "Profiting by the suffering others is always a good revenue stream. The more they suffer, the more I make"