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Watch Fareed on CNN

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    I urge all the members to watch Fareed on CNN ( 1PM ET) he shows exactly what is the case in Europe with great experts. Second he addresses an UN report about poverty in the US; the figures are astounding. Of course bitch Haley is upset and deny's this report. However fact is fact. I urge especially that Chet watches this.

    The main highlights were:

    1) Trump is an White Suprematist/racist and wants Europe to be that also.

    2) He wants to dislodge and disrupt NATO/EU as well disrupt Britain's Brexit issues.

    3) He wants White Christian Supremacy in the US

    4) He want the "poor" here to remain "poor" and uneducated and look up to him as their savior. ( The UN report clearly states his objective is to create an much wider gap between rich and poor.)

    5) He scold our allies; and loves the dictators in the world; especially Putin.

    6) Has no manners or decency nor intellect. ( Is coached by Miller, Bolton, Jordan who all are ultra "right fanatics)