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Democratic Speaking Out.

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    "Tell that to the millions of people who used to be told that their depression, hypertension, or cancer diagnoses prevented them from getting any type of medical care."

    What is your answer to the people that can't afford the treatment they are now eligible for? Like Dockadams. That was his statement that in his situation Obama care is like having a $5 coupon for a $3000 item.

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    jaredsxtn said "Voter ignorance and apathy elected Donald. "

    Absolutely true. Suffering neglected people had nothing to vote for on one side and the other had a believable lying opportunist that promised lots of good paying jobs and dared to be elected. First the liar said he wanted to keep American wages low to be competitive and two weeks later he came out with "lots of good paying jobs". The promise over shadowed the lie.