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Iran oil

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    Trump has banned Iran oil and wants a blockade of all their oil and threatened that if other countries would not obey, that the US would penalize those countries. Iran has reacted in a strong way and certainly will find ways to sell their oil. Since Europe still sticks to the "nuke" agreement as well Iran; then Europe should protest and not obey our bully in chief.


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    He (trump) has no idea of how world markets operate and knows very little about the oil industry or how oil producers operate. Countries like Russia, China and others buy Iranian oil, and they're not going to stop because one country's leader calls for a ban or tells them not to buy. One thing is for sure though, he will single handedly drive oil prices up, and then we'll (consumers worldwide) end up paying at the pump for it. Trump hasn't a clue as to how economies operate, he's filed bankruptcy numerous times, that tells us something. It tells me he's a piss poor manager of anything he touches.
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    Much demand for oil. This is merely bully tactics. Watch how I push you into a corner.... sad that this is done. Remember the dignity of our last president. Everybody but Vladimir does.
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    China will happily buy Iranian oil. As well as Canadian, Mexican, Nigerian, Venezuelan and anybody else they can pay all while shifting over time to renewables.

    Donnie, not only isn’t America where the action is, it isn’t coming back.