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blessed is the nation whose God is Lord

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    The full page ad shown below appeared in Sunday's paper yesterday:

    The ad was paid for by the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby and the Bible museum in Washington, D.C.

    When you read through this ad, you will notice that many of the quotes that attempt to make this country a theocracy date back to the earliest days of our government, and include quotes from 3 Founding Fathers and 4 of the ORIGINAL members of the Supreme Country.

    At the bottom of the ad is a reference to the following website:

    Since a full page ad like this isn't cheap, what EXACTLY is the Green family trying to accomplish?

    I saw an article this morning that picked apart the ad point by point, but was unable to find it this afternoon.

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    They want YOU to let god into your life and be SAVED BY JESUS.

    Link from yesterday's newspaper broken!

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    Fundimentalists are very dangerous . Be they Muslim or Christian. The evangelicals are trying to hyjack Christianity. Trying to hyjack our government. They have taken over much of the republican party infecting it with a virus like sickness that threatens to destroy the party . They will be left with what is left of it very soon. Because Republicans are fleeing the GOP . Many are discussed by the criminals using the party to run their scemes. Many more are embarrassed and revolted by the utter mindless idealogue cultlike posture being expressed by the Republicans in the red States who feel emboldened to declare their white supremists Nazi facism.

    The evangelicals are a slim minority. I know some who consider themslves liberals. So they are not unified in their radical agenda. It will be easy for them to peel off and go back to their normal church which they will do when it becomes evident that evangelicalism is akin to Nazi ism.

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    Good stuff. Religious people vote with incredible prompt discipline. Probably over 85%. If you want to change the tide you had better hope that people who don't think that way, vote too.
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    Response? I would suggest Kramnick and Moore’s “The Godless Constitution” for some very well researched information. Included are some of the standard stuff like Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists. Also mentioned is the bitter presidential campaign where pastors and other Christian leaders claimed Christians would have to hide their bibles in their Wells were Jefferson to be elected. And of course Jefferson was called the Virginia Voltaire. Not to mention the so-called Jefferson Bible where he combined the gospels and edited out the miracles.

    One tires of these religionists.

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    No wonder that the Europeans sent those religious idiots over the pond to this island, good riddance; let's start burning witches at the stake again, lots of fun.

    If you look at the total picture of what is happening in this country right now; locking up baby's in cages; Trump meeting Putin, just after he goes to a NATO meeting who he scolds, while being under investigation, and as well busy selecting an holier than shit Supreme court person and introduced a trade war at the same time and goes to rally's for himself every week, and not forgetting that N.Korea is still playing with their toys, while Trump praises Kim into heaven . I guess then the circus is complete; this never can end well.