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The result of the tax cuts

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    I still don't understand why Republicans think that tax cuts and tax credits are the solution.

    This morning's Arizona Republic that tracked $600 million in tax credits that the state gave out in fiscal year 2018.

    Since the legislature is controlled by Republicans, it should not be a surprise that the committee responsible for the oversight of the tax credits has not met since 2015.

    To a very large degree, the Arizona Commerce Authority could not name ANY benefits that the tax credits had produced. Worse, though, is that it would take a super majority in the legislature to reverse any of the credits. Since very few people in the legislature would be willing to vote on what would be an effective tax INCREASE, things are not likely going to improve in the near future.

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    It will certainly lead to a huge recession like always. Republicans will blame it on everything and everyone who's not them.
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    Taxes are an excellent tool for stealing money. Not by the government but to steal from the government. Legislative capture is real especially when combined with rigid ideology and effective agitprop.