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Trump Campaign Rally

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    The real issue regarding America's corporate mass news media is not "fake news" but instead there is no news about the important issues in this country and the world, in other words, America's corporate mass news media does only one thing well and that is keep the American people ignorant about their Oligarchic government and it ongoing war crimes and war mongering costing other nations on earth total destruction and the loss and maiming of millions of lives.

    The corruption and waste and fraud in the this Oligarchy only gets worse since do one has the guts to stop it.

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    I can't figure out why anyone would bother listening to this moron let alone going to his rallies!
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    When asked he clarified that "Fake news" is the problem. A conman who never stops talking.

    A meme the other day asked what Trump would have to do to lose his base.

    Become a black man....

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    I watched a bit of his rally , and there were a bunch of empty seats. The rallies are not as large as trump wants people to believe.

    Also, only shown on Fox news. All other networks had regular programming.

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    I saw that his ratings went up again; I guess this country must be more nuts than I ever thought. What he throws out at these rally's is worse than any comedy show done by apes. Bashing everything and anything gives you higher rates? Shaking my old head.
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    Trump is supposed to be in my city once again tomorrow, 1 week and 2 days after our police department shot a black guy in his back 7 times.

    He is supposed to touch down in Trump Air One at the Waukegan, Illinois airport,

    and might fly to Anderson Park here in Kenosha aboard Marine-1, it's near the Snap-On tool headquarters where the Trump ass crawlers from the company welcomed him the last time he was here. Helicopters have been flying around the city most of the day. He doesn't need to worry, there's over 1,500 guardsmen here around the city. He should feel safe. More safer than a black person who meets trigger happy cops. He could also motorcade from Illinois and cause hellacious traffic nightmares.

    The topic of his campaign stop will probably be law and order, the mayor and our governor think he shouldn't come here because they say Kenosha is still healing. But, why would he give a shit, because without him ordering the national guard to come here, there wouldn't be a Kenosha, so he claims. He must take credit for everything, except the shooting of a unarmed black guy by white cops, that he blames on democrats!