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Anthony Bourdain on Butte, Montana

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    CNN Undergound Explorers: Butte, Montana and Mining

    I share this CNN documentary on Butte, Montana and it's mining history because it's where I grew up. My Dad worked in the mines from the early 1950s until he retired. He was not only an extraordinary miner, he was also union activist seeking better working conditions for miners. He recruited me and my brother to distribute miner's literature in the bars of Butte. At 12 years old I was kicked out of one of those I attempted to distribute the miner's literature to the miner patrons at the bar.

    So if you want to try understand me and my posts, this is where you can start. My roots.

    My story is not unlike many miners' stories throughout the west and indeed perhaps coal country. It is a dying industry by definition because the mined resources are not infinite. It's what these communities do after the ore runs out that defines them. Butte survives because of the spirit of its residents, albeit a much smaller Butte than the hey days when copper was king.