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Losing mid terms.

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    The 2022 midterms are a mixed bag.

    On the positive side

    Fetterman won in the Pennsylvania senate race, and Republican (Mastriano) lost the governors race.

    A Democratic woman got elected Attorney General in Massachusetts.

    Bennett got re-elected in Colorado

    Hochul got re-elected in New York

    Voters in California, Michigan and Vermont chose to enshrine abortion protections in their state constitutions on Tuesday, The Associated Press said.

    The "red wave" did not happen:

    ALL the election deniers in Arizona are losing:

    Races to Watch

    All State & Local

    U.S. Senate - AZ



    63% Est. Count

    Governor - AZ



    63% Est. Count

    Secretary of State



    62% Est. Count

    Attorney General



    62% Est. Count

    Supt Public Instruction


    As a result, their victory party got put on hold:

    On the negative:

    DeSantis got re-elected in Florida, Kemp got re-elected in Georgia, and Greg Abbott got re-elected in Texas

    J.D. Vance won in Ohio

    While votes are still being counted across the country, nearly 200 Republicans who have questioned the results of the 2020 election — or denied President Biden’s victory outright — have won races so far in the midterms.

    In the "who the hell knows category":

    The Georgia senate race is virtually tied, so will go to run off

    Voting machine issues slowed the count in Arizona, and the GOP victory party was a flop. We likely won't know who won in the state until late November. If Kari Lake (Trump in lipstick) she won't concede.

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    I've never seen such an "circus" as now in my lifetime. The next 2 years will be an same disaster as the previous one, or may be worse. It depends on a lot of things. But yeah one thing is sure they have no "brains" in this country. An DeSantis in FL will be an absolute disaster, especially if he wants to kill Disney and the tourist industry as well his immigration mess.

    Kemp in Georgia will also continue the disaster there as well Abbott in TX.

    No this country is going down the drain as I predicted. Biden will be an dead "duck" the coming 2 years, but may not even make it, if they "impeach" him because of his "son". Sorry this country likely wants to be an "other" Russia, with the rich and "crooks" running it, without any "competence".

    The "economy" will only get very slowly out of the downturn or may get worse because of Russia and the "oil"

    No. things will get worse before getting better; "brainless" leaders all over the place now will not help.

    The Dem's can lick their wounds but still keep the "mess" in place due to lack of "energy" and "competence". The GOP will only continue their filthy "game" by "bullying" and corrupting things all the way.

    The Fed is also on the wrong track ; due to them the unemployment figures will get worse ( some big companies are laying off lots of people) as well the "housing" market will crash further. Thank you Powell, stick to the Trump doctrine; it will kill this country. As I predicted, this country is asking for its demise.

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    The outcome is better than expected, however the "House" may stay in the GOP hands. I read that about 4 positions in N.Y. were taken over by the GOP due to "redistricting" there. It only shows that our "system" is the weirdest in the world of electing people for an government job.

    The coming 2 years will not be any different than the past two years; we will get a lot of in-fighting and "bully's" who think they can do whatever they like. If Trump can "stoke" all he wants and an Desantis who now thinks he's "god".

    It is time to revamp this whole government system so it becomes an straightforward one without "money" and "garbage shows". No sideline "rally's" or "manipulation" or "redistricting" No "signs"or other "junk" to intimidate. See it as just an normal "job" application, without the "hoopla circus" but solely based on "qualification" for the job as any other job. Background checks should be "mandatory" as well.

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    Billions of money spent on this "mid-term" election. I guess looking at the picture, nothing is really changed for the better. Biden will remain an "dead duck" for the remainder of his term. If about 75 of the "2020 election rejectors" are elected. so let the fun start. Sorry people there is no "uniformity" at all in this country; it shows. We've got such an terrible mixture of "un-educated " people here, who all can be influenced by the "media" and all kinds of "weirdo's" as well certain States who make up their own way of "governing" and the "influence of "religion" or other"elements". Nothing is coherent nor have the same "goals" in life. The next "election" will likely even be worse, because if the "bullies with money" get it their way

    If an DeSantis or Trump runs then the ravine is very close by for this country. The only once who will laugh are Putin and Chi.

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    The more I see and here about Desantis the more I see Trump.
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    Indeed you are correct; DeSantis is very dangerous f0r this country. Just like another Ted Cruz or the Trump family on steroids. The stupidity in FL is unbelievable, just because we had the hurricane and tornado, then this guy can elevate himself because of it and show how he "helps" the people here. He's an absolute "fake" but the stupid un-educated crowd here falls for his "tricks". Republicans right now just want "money" and love to get the Russian "system". They want also be "oligargs" and "the only me" attitude. These elections really shows how "un-educated" and chaotic this country is. It remains an "island" in this world, because they have no clue on how the rest of the world thinks or acts.