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Capitalists Power

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    Those 5 Supremes have decided to destroy the last few workers rights left in America by giving the Capitalists the power to force all employees to sign an arbitration agreement that doesn't allow the employees to use class action suits and can only sue individually and no individual making poverty wages can afford America's antiquated, time consuming incredibly expensive court costs.

    The Capitalists have finally achieved all their goals since Reagan laid the foundation for an Oligarchic government that would do the bidding of those Capitalists/Corporations/Robber Barons and the Military Industrial Complex.

    Any American who believes their government is still a Republic doesn't know the truth about that government and the truth is the American people have NO POWER, NO JUSTICE, NO FAIRNESS, NO COMMON GOOD, which means the people are without hope since America today is rigged in favor of the Capitalists that get richer while everyone else gets poorer and this corrupt, evil, mean spirited, greedy system has destroyed everything good and noble this country once stood for and this Capitalist Oligarchy has for generations wasted trillions on endless, unnecessary wars and committed ongoing war crimes, this Oligarchy has passed swindle bills like Drug Plan D that each year steals billions from the people for excessive drug costs, it has increased homelessness, passed tax bills that benefit the 1%, destroyed the unions, destroyed bank regulations and environmental laws, allowed loan shark credit card rates up to 30%, indebted in the billions our children with outrageous school costs, refused to give health care to 40% of the American people and refused to spend funds on America's infrastructure that is literally falling apart.

    One only come to one conclusion about this U.S. Oligarchy and that is: it hates America and her people and since the people have no hope the only path left for them is a Revolution that will abolish that corrupt Oligarchy so the American people can reestablish a NEW REPUBLIC.

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    The capitalist offensive is happening everywhere, but the opposition is taking shape again. Solidarity from the UK!
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    One big win for big money and the right wing was to unite the country, both left and right against government waste. Money spent is money working no matter what. Using waste to attack spending is a right wing win. Money must be spent. Cutting spending takes money out of the economy. That is austerity and austerity kills the poor.