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the yellow star is back

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    Although Operation Streamline has been with us since 2005, Jeff Sessions and his team just decided to add a cruel twist to the program by separating children from their parents, which is pretty much what happened at Auschwitz. In addition, undocumented immigrants, both parents and children, are now required to wear yellow bracelets. In spite of those yellow bracelets, our immigration folks have lost tract of 1475 children (so far) but apparently some of them got released to the "coyotes" who smuggle people across the border.

    What is it about yellow?

    The Nazis in Germany and throughout German-occupied Europe implemented the yellow star as a means to publicly identify, humiliate, and isolate Jews. In many cases, this public identification and stigmatization preceded the mass deportations of Jews to ghettos and killing sites.

    On September 1, 1941, the Reich Minister of the Interior decreed that Jews over the age of six in the Greater German Reich were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their outer clothing in public at all times. While ghettos were generally not established in Germany, strict residence regulations forced Jews to live in designated areas of German cities, concentrating them in “Jewish houses” (“Judenhäuser”).

    Within Germany, the sight of neighbors forced to wear the yellow badge often elicited sympathy from non-Jewish Germans. This response was widespread enough that the Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment felt compelled to issue pamphlets instructing Germans on how they should respond when encountering neighbors wearing the yellow star.

    See the source image

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    The policy is bad because at the top trump does not give a shit. He would get an erection watching waterboarding videos thinking its the type of perverted sex he enjoys.

    Our country will never have long term plan to exterminate people like they did in Germany. However, you can bet the bureaucracy of our government can, and will, harm people by treating immigrants as second class human beings, as we saw happen at Al Ghraib prison. Wait until someone leaks photos of a 12yr being raped while in custody or a child dies because of some bureaucracy fuckup.

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    Yes the people here have never experienced that; just for this, Trump and Sessions, Miller should be prosecuted. Unbelievable, I lost my parents because they protected and hid Jews. What is happening in this country?. In Illinois they try to elect a real Nazi for an government job. Trump is acting as an Nazi as well being a "White Superior" movement supporter who proves such.

    Sorry these acts of this "rotten" to the bone president, gives me the shivers. Where are the real Americans to stand up and condemn such? This country is getting sicker by the day.

    All of this reminds me of what happened before and during WWII; Trump is actually an reborn Hitler dictator and wants to be that. His Dad was a member of the KKK. Also the same thing is happening with the opposition; they condone it, especially the Catholics who never objected against Hitler either. Even the Brits via Chamberlain fell for it and thought it would correct itself. Thanks Guy, for posting this, however this does not sink in by most Americans, because they never experienced this before in their own country.

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    Here is an other video, which clearly shows how this country is deteriorating all the way to a Nazi country.

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    I think that, so far, the vast numbers of decent Americans and the total incompetence of the Fat Clown will prevent real Nazism.