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The clown show

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    Trumpy has found a new way to undermine Mueller; his new "plan" is "Spy Gate" and has ordered Rosenstein to investigate and produce "paperwork". All of this takes place today in two meetings. The total ridiculous part of it is that the first meeting is only with Nunes and Gowdy after that the "8" including Pelosi and Schumer. A very weird happening indeed. Certainly to my knowledge the FBI correctly investigated about the Russian meddling during the campaign. Nothing wrong with that, so I absolutely believe that this is another trick of Trump to "demand" such investigation from Rosenstein to disclose classified material in this meeting.

    I hope Mueller takes notice about this ridiculous setup to undermine his investigation.

    The only I don't understand is the case with Kussner; he was interviewed by Mueller for 6 hours and got his "full security" clearance. Wow! Very weird indeed, unless Mueller made a "deal" with him to provide more information about the Trump "dealings" as an informant.

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    Yes it is an huge clown show by showing total incompetence. The 7 year old has now cancelled the meeting with N.K ( Kim); the main reason seems to be that Kim called Pence a "dumb ass", which is absolutely correct. I still remember that this "dumb ass" was sitting at the Olympic games as an frozen robot, refusing to shake hands or smile at the N.K. representative(s), nor wanted to stand during their national anthem. Then on top of that a Bolton who threatened with a Libya comparison to get rid of Kim. Yes that is what you get if you invite stupid assholes to advise you while being an 7 year old.

    Regardless of this impasse right now, the US is still provoking N.K. with plenty of military exercises; that sure will irritate Kim as well China, who is already mad at the US, related to trade issues. Like I said years ago, the south east Asia area wants to get rid of the US military and meddling influence, therefore since N.K and S.K as well China have had "pleasant" meetings since the Olympics, their objective will be to push the US out of that region step by step.

    On top of that the 7 year old announced that we should penalize car imports by huge tariffs. Sure this will create lots of "friends" around the world and in the US. I guess he forgets lots of import cars are built here or our own created cars are built in Mexico or Canada. The longer the "kid" stays in power the more the world will hate the US.

    The more stupidity, the more this country will become isolated from the world.

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    And I thought it was a dog & pony show!
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    Remember back a month or so ago Trump jumped on the chance to meet with Kim Jung-Un without consulting anyone. It was a surprise to other world leaders including China and many of his own aides. He was going to seize the opportunity with rose colored Nobel Peace prize glasses clouding his vision.

    Now that he belatedly found out that "denuclearization" is not what he thought it would be, he had to find a reason to back out of the meeting. So he cites North Korea's hostile rhetoric. Wow...that's sure is thin skinned.

    In the end Trump realized that it wouldn't make him look good personally if he couldn't deliver on his "denuclearization" promise after the summit meeting. So cancel it as quickly in the same way he agreed to the meeting in the first place and don't consult anyone, including his own staff...again. Both South Korea and China were caught by surprise.

    Everything Trump does is driven by how he would personally benefit. It's "me, me, me". His actions are always on a whim...nothing thought out long term.

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    "Everything Trump does is driven by how he would personally benefit."

    Give him too much credit. He has no idea about the outcome of complicated negotiations and deals. He is as self described a counter puncher . Did you see the picture including him and Bolton and others. Know this: " Nobody in that picture has or had an idea of Trump's policy including Trump. He has no ideology or principles. He is sporadic. It is impossible to have a rationale discussion about Trump because his commitment won't last as long as the discussion."

    Also, consider the character of Bolton. Bolton calmly stands there while he is made out to be an imbecilic incompetent. Donald, not good to humiliate some people.

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    On top of the other stupidity I wrote about, the "kid" is busy again to undo the things Obama did. For instance in Alaska you can now again shoot baby bear cubs in their lair. Nice going! his sons will love it; fill them up with sawdust and display them.

    Then he screwed around with the Dodd/ Frank rulings for banks which was also done during the Obama reign and wants to put something else in place, which softens this rule so the banks can play their "loan" game again, so the 2008 debacle can start again.