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Out of control country.

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    The radical right version of capitalism is winner take all. There favorite propaganda is you can be anything you want if you work hard enough. The contradiction is if you don't achieve the ultimate then you didn't work hard enough therefore a lazy failure. Most people have succumbed to that philosophy. Telling kids If they don't work hard enough in school they'll end up flipping burgers. Then the radical right buys all the laws they want to wipe out opportunity , equal access and fairness . They have legalised front running for a select few and destroyed the purpose of the stock market. Then to secure their stranglehold on money they have convinced people government is bad, taxes are bad, spending is bad then routinely lower their taxes. Everything that destroys making goods to sell has to be reversed. The velocity of money has to be increased and the value of stocks needs to be the earnings a company makes. Para mutual betting has to be removed from stock trading. Almost every American will say the stock market is where people go to finance a new company. A stock now cannot enter the stock market unless it is already a success. Lot of opportunity for a political party to rectify the system back to fairness and prosperity .