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Bill Gates comments about meeting Trump

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    Jennifer Gates is 22yrs old. Her parents Bill and Melinda Gates think trump is creepy and a narcissist

    I think everyone in the forum will enjoy Gate's perspective on trump....

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    Because all know trump's ego can't handle any type of criticism, and he has no humor about his own failings, my concern is that trump's response is to issue presidential orders something like this:

    "Cancel all federally funded research that Bill Gates supports. Stop supporting cancer research, stop supporting HIV research. If Bill Gates is trying to help people, make sure we immediately shut down all related programs that he supports. I'll show Gates who is more powerful; let Gates watch how many people die and suffer while I am president. I bet that will shut his fucking mouth, and watch him come graveling back to me asking me to help the same bunch of losers who's ball I've cut off. If am feeling generous, and he lets me fuck his daughter, I might agree to put half of it back."