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BuzzFeed: Example of real Fake News.

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    I believed this video was real the first time I saw it because the fake video was wisely craft to be "real enough'. The good fake shit does not need to be over the top because people just role their eyes knowing its BS, but when it subtle, with fake info, it will seem real enough so people don't question it.

    you can tell trump's fake news because he creates overs-over-top BS. In stead of saying "Sometimes" he says "All the time" instead of stating a fact "there was one person involved" he says "Its deep state conspiracy"... With trump, the sky is falling 100% of time, and its not just falling, the its an alien invasion.

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    Yeah. I hope you didn't just discover Key & Peel.

    They've been around for awhile and are always a treat to watch.

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    That's outstanding. I had not seen it before. Thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing that. I had not seen that. Very good.
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    In this age of digital media, it's probably very easy for anyone with a computer and great software to alter any video and alter photographs too. In recent months, we've seen Zuckerberg come under scrutiny for Facebook users to upload false and fake campaign messages. It's like who do we trust? What is real, what is fake?

    One thing is for sure, a publication like the Onion will never disappoint people that have an open mind to comedy, and the absurd.

    "WASHINGTON—After gathering supplies such as a magnifying glass, a spool of twine, and a number of depositions drawn in crayon, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump reportedly set up the “Don And Eric Law Place” in a White House electrical room Monday to help their father with his ongoing legal woes. “Objection! Objection,” said Eric Trump who fashioned a makeshift judge’s robe…"

    FOX news never disappoints us either, they are the generator of fake news, as most of us already know.