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    Encouraging news appeared this morning on Al Jazeera.

    The Daily Stormer has been hit with three major lawsuits since April of 2017. The whereabouts of Andrew Anglin, the published of the Daily Stormer, are currently unknown. As a result of the lawsuits, the Daily Stormer had been booted from several web-hosting sites, and Richard Spencer's website has also been pulled from several sites.

    The battle against hate is not over yet, though.

    As reported in the Washington Post yesterday, "the stench of anti-Semitism and racism mars Washington". As long as the gropenfuehrer/porn star boyfriend is in office, it's going to difficult to make significant progress against the deplorables that still like Trump.

    Here's the best point of the article shown above:

    Hatred and intolerance are contrary to the values that we, as a city, espouse. Leaders across the board need to drive home the point that the District will not put up with discrimination, intimidation or violence targeted against people of this city, whether gay or straight, black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Christian or any group.

    Anything less by our public leaders reflects a lack of dedication to the rights we hold dear.

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    Guy, if you take all the nonsense in this country as all brought forward by you; then do you still think that this country can be saved?
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    Call me cynical or pessimistic but after living through the hatred and prejudice of the 1960's and 1970's, I had thought that after we elected an African American as our president, that all that stuff was dead and gone, but not. Look at the haters in Charlottesville, there was plenty of hate, and plenty of people sowing hatred that for awhile there, I thought we were living during those times. When we have leaders who sow their covert messages of hatred, and have lawmakers who fail to call these people who do it into question, we truly have gone backwards in time. I think we're no better off today than we were 4- to 60 years ago. And, that's very troubling.