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Trump's negotiation team

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    Trump is sending a team to China to negotiate the "trade issues" This team consists of a bunch of assholes like: Ross, Kudlow, Mcnuchin, Navarro etc. I hope China will kick their asses. They all have a pure "conservative", US only view of the world; they have no idea of what China is all about.


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    I haven't a clue as to what there is to negotiate with China about? We as Amerikans want cheap shit we buy from our retailers or we don't. Amerikan steel and aluminum? too expensive, China's stuff is much cheaper. Anyway, China has left us in the dust as far as trade goes. Look at the Chinese environmental protections they have in place. Unless trump's organization can roll back our own environmental laws really fast, it's a lost cause. Below is a glimpse of China's fine air quality, we can't compete with it. We're just smarter than the Chinese government, we want to breathe clean air and drink clean water, but right wing zealots are still pushing their scorch the earth policies.