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why Arizona teachers are walking out

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    Arizona has now joined the list of states where teachers are walking out in order to reverse past abuses of our pubic education system. West Virginia was first, followed by Oklahoma. Although Kentucky technically did not walk out, teachers were less than happy about the legislator's plans to eliminate their pensions.

    This week, teachers in Arizona will be walking out on Thursday. Many school districts in the state (including Tucson) will be closing their schools. The underlying cause of all the problems, of course, is the Republican love of tax cuts. The link below provides more details on the problems that have caused the current mess in Arizona:

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    Teachers in colorado are also planning a walkout while republican lawmakers are fashioning a bill to make a law that will hold the teachers criminally accountable for walking out. I am sure that law woultd be unconstitutional but that's Republicans for you.

    In Ohio, the charter schools the parocial schools the online schools are sucking a billion dollars a year out of education budget . These are not educators they are rachets . They are corporations ho scammed our system to charge us for students who either don't exist or worse don't participate . So as a result , we are going to have alot of poorly educated young people trying to figure out how to earn a living.

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    A very important issue worthy of much attention and effort. Even if the profit factor isn't clear for the administration. We did it because it was the right thing to do. That won't happen.

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    "Kentucky...............legislator's plans to eliminate their pensions."

    An abomination......that should not be.