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Barberra Bush funeral

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    wwjd Wrote:

    GHW Bush is not expected to live very much longer. We are talking days, maybe a few weeks at the most.

    I hope that trump finds another good excuse not to attend the funeral, or the Bush family specifically informs trump that he is not invited (ie send Melania Trump).

    For trump, the funeral event would be too temping. 1) show public disrespect to the Bush family while 2) ruining the funeral, and then 3) redirecting the focus away from GHW Bush and onto himself. For trump, that is a near perfect storm; shit on good people, while taking away something they never will be able to get back. If he could fuck up their funeral, it would make him feel fantastic. For trump, it's heroin.

    If that happened, it would make me wonder how much of trump's bullshit Americans would take. Most already know he's our insulter in chief, let's see how far he can run with it. You know what they say, give a man enough rope and he'll hang himself with it.