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Amazon punishes its workers for taking Bathroom Breaks

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    Warehouse workers in its Staffordshire warehouse have to pee in bottles to avoid getting an infraction for taking "idle time." Investigative journalist Jared Bloodworth went undercover for six months. The article mentioned "restrooms in the huge four-story warehouses could be located a quarter of a mile away on the first floor. A trip to the bathroom could take 10 minutes to walk, so many employees use a 'toilet bottle' to relieve themselves."

    Although we on the liberal left dismiss President Trump's attacks on amazon we should criticize its labor practices when its doing something as egregious as punishing its employees for taking bathroom breaks.

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    Mother Jones did a piece on Amazon a bit ago. I haven’t used them. I stay out of Mao-Mart. I do shop at Target. Unfortunately a real nice neighborhood pharmacy closed down. CVS doesn’t exactly treat their employees real well.

    The political economic theology of the non-existent free market has contributed mightily to the anger driving rw proto-fascism. Yet those same proto-fascists along with der ubergroppenfuhrer will bow at the altar of Austria/Chicago is they are even exposed to the phrase “democratic socialism” even though it is l8kely that 5he majority don’t even know what the phrase means.

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    I have heard from people in my area who worked for Amazon at our new distribution center and several have said that Amazon does have a slave driving atmosphere to the workers, the fulfillment associates. I've also heard those former employees state that their supervisors were jerks and difficult to get along with.

    Working for a corporation of this size, and the rumors which swirl around of how employees are treated is not really surprising at all. Look at any non union shop, and that is what you'll find, unfair labor practices, and unfair wages, and disparaging wages paid between men and women work forces. This is why employees of Walmart are discouraged too, they're treated like slaves and not paid equally, and once workers talk about organizing a labor union, pfffffft, they're out the door.