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    Trump will be President again unless the Democratic party comes clean and takes the blame for 40 years lower class wages , cuts and attacks on entitlements and coddling Wall Street. There is absolutely no excuse for low paying jobs, increasing numbers of people pleading for help on street corners and stagnating money in trusts and non product producing investments. Money should be regulated back into what it is supposed to be a dynamic means for facilitating the trade of goods and services.

    Winning the popular vote and losing the election points to an almost criminal waste of a billion dollars, twice what the worst candidate that didn't enter to win spent.

    The country needs good paying jobs to build the tax revenue base to afford 100% living to everybody. Passing laws to legalize gambling and front running in financial trades doesn't lead to deserved money.

    The Democratic party has to emerge as the party of the working person.

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    We should only blame the Democratic Party and force them to "come clean" about being the sole reason millions of Americans live in abject poverty?

    Should Republicans hold any blame for convincing millions of gullible Americans that "trickle down economics" is the answer even though it has never, ever worked?

    Or should we simply blame Democrats for everything?

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    I'm sooo glad someone with some sense responded to this thread, I was going to but....

    Everything is Obama's fault.....