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    One keeps hoping and believing that our countries chief administrator would begin revealing some level of sensible judgement and hire people most qualified for top positions in the U.S. Government but during the past months such hopes were dashed when America's chief loony began appointing people as criminal, crazy and corrupt as he is and there is no doubt that Bolton is the ultimate warmongering maniac.

    America's Orwellian World of dodos continue to obsess on everything Trump says and does while totally ignoring the most important national and world news of the day which is like going into an insane asylum and recording and writing down everything the inmates are saying and doing and taking all that crazy behavior seriously and it would be a big favor to the American people and the people of the world if that Orwellian World would boycott and ignore the ranting and ravings in Trump's asylum.

    The only way the American people can find out what is really going on on this planet is to locate independent news stations like LINK TV's Amy Goodman's Democracy Now or Thom Hartmann or RT TV which is a Russian station and the journalists, investigating reporters and commentators on RT are individuals who were fired from that Orwellian World because these individuals wanted to tell the truth and facts to the American people about what was really going on in America and the world and it is a sad commentary on our times when a Russian station is allowing the truth to be told and America's Orwellian World is keeping the American people uninformed, misinformed, deceived, lied to and ignorant but of course the ones who own that Orwellian World are the ones benefiting the most from all this ignorance.