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    America's Orwellian World (America's mass news media) reached a new low when it covered the Saudi Prince's visit to the U.S. and created the fantasy that this leader of Saudi Arabia was the ultimate Prince Charming and a wonderful guy instead of who he really is and that is a war criminal who with a big help from the U.S. Military for 3 years has been exterminating the people of Yemen and since Americans have such short memories I should remind them that it was Saudis who attack the twin towers.

    While this soulless creep was being praised and courted by the U.S. Media, press, U.S. politicians and the famous the U.S. Senate was trying to stop funding this horrific on going war crime in Yemen, unfortunately, the vote in the U.S. Senate was defeated 54 to 44. American voters should make a note of those 54 U.S. Senators who believe funding war crimes is A-OK! when in truth it means these 54 U.S. Senators are war criminals since without funding these war crimes these war crimes would never happen.

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    Follow the money!
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    pr Wrote: Follow the money!
    Yes, who cares about life of people who only have a "sandbox" and scorpions. That is the American way!