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Forgetting the power of greed.

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    Copied from the cited source:

    "But what we must try to avoid is the imposition of artificial barriers to progress that are only the psychological fallout of confusion about the complex social institutions we ourselves have constructed. When we possess resources that are not used to improve our lives in the ways they could be used, when there are unemployed people in our societies who are both able and willing to do the work needed to improve those resources and realize their potential to yield value, and when people are suffering needlessly or living under deprived conditions as a result of the underemployment of resources and people, then we are somehow failing as a society to seize our real opportunities, and have succumbed to artificially imposed limits"

    Overlooking the power of greed.

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    Chet, In an capitalistic society this becomes an "automatic" result, if "money" is the only thing what drives it. It is like the "old" days when the Castle Lords ran the show and the "people" were treated like "dirt" and starved. Nothing has changed; nowadays the "billionaires" have taken over the same role; except they did not yet starve us to death, but want to take away all our social benefit so they can play their "war" games with plenty of "fun" war tools to show their "power" over the people of the world.

    Nothing has changed since the "stone age" related to "power grabs" It's human nature to want to rule over others just like animals do. Take the "bone" away then they "rule"

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    What puzzles me is the deference to the Trumps. There is no possible challenge that laws have passed to favor the Trumps while pushing austerity on the lower classes over the last 40 year's. People like Warren Bufffet post positive suggestions like putting money in the hands of people who will spend it and at the same time dire warnings like derivatives are the financial weapons of mass destruction. Yet the Trumps are respected while the lower classes are blamed for not making something of themselves . Reform benefits with tax cuts.
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    The champion of the working people:

    “You will never be ignored again,” he said this month at a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Fla., a phrase that became the banner headline the next morning in the local newspaper.

    But this week, the president hopes to sign with great fanfare a tax bill that would deliver its largest benefits, not only in dollar terms but also as a percentage increase in income, to corporations and the wealthiest Americans. His own family stands to gain from tax breaks maintained or extended for corporate real estate ventures, and his heirs have reason to celebrate the doubling of the exemption from estate taxes: Under the bill, the Trump children and grandchildren could inherit $22 million tax free, though they would have benefited more from a cut in the estate tax rate or an abolition of the tax altogether."

    Keep on repeating the lie and it will be believed. I've noticed I've started looking for "mailbox money" from Trump.