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McMaster out; Replaced by John Bolton

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    Yes Schmidt, you've got it right; what is the benefit for Iran to bomb these refineries? I think may be Nethanyahoo is behind it. Ha ha.
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    I remain skeptical about motives for war. The Vietnam war was launched on a lie. Likewise, Bush Ws "shock and awe" war on Iraq was also based on a lie. The military complex is always promoting war for their own financial gain. Congress should pull back that AUMF that they keep using (including Obama) as the authority for war.

    Countries like Israel and Russia have the sophisticated means to create a false and manufactured motive for war. Do the drones have, "Made in Iran" stamped on their sides? Why would they do that? Israel or Russia might "lay the evidence" for the investigators to find in the rubble.

    Okay I'm creating conspiracy theories. It's interesting that Saudi Arabia says their production capability will be back up and running quickly shooting oil prices down again. So was this attack more for show? Who profited on the short term large swings in oil price?

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    The Saudi gubbermint has patriot missile batteries purchased from us, you know, the USA, and, well, they didn't work at all according to reports. Hey, let's sell the Saudis some more worthless junk that doesn't work.

    Maybe they should buy some Russian shit that might actually work for air defense? What about iron dome defense system?

    Is there any defense that works on drones that can fly below radar?

    Why should the US intervene? Can't the Saudis protect themselves without the USA getting involved? The US should stop being the world's police department.

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    As long we have Trump, who only sees "dollar signs" dealing with the Saudi's as well Pompeo who only knows his way to "church" then success is assured. Having these two naive assholes running the show, then we for sure will get an long cold winter with lots of "chaos".
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    The new guy is Robert O'Brien. He has had a long history of government service, and is currently a hostage negotiater for the State Department.

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    Trump is planning to prevent the publication of John Bolton’s book, which allegedly ties Trump directly to the Ukraine Scandal, until after the election. Trump plans to declare that everything he said to Bolton while he was Trump’s National Security Advisor was classified. He says Bolton is “a traitor.”

    The book’s publication date is March 17, but if it comes out without the final approval of the National Security Council Bolton might face a criminal investigation and, possibly, forfeit his seven-figure advance.