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Get a job start a business.

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    Get a job or start a business are both ways generally accepted to gain or increase income. Both cases will increase tax revenue and increase the standard of living . Contrarily the stock market and high finance are doing just the opposite . Rather than investing in jobs producing ventures finance is making money independent of producing products and services for sale. The DOW passed 25000 while GDP and startups are virtually stagnant. Investing in jobs will create prosperity and cancel austerity. Why is there no movement to get money into jobs creation?

    U.S. startups near a 40-year low - Sep. 8, 2016 - CNN Money › money › news › economy

    Sep 8, 2016 · Americans just aren't founding new companies like they once did. Startups are near a 40-year low, according to the Census

    Obama's Agile Startup 18F Has Shrunk By Half Under Trump - Fast Company

    Fast Company › obama-federal-it-fix-it-s...

    Feb 8, 2018 - Another government IT office, the U.S. Digital Service, continues to recruit new members amid concerns about further cuts to Obama-era tech efforts.

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    John Kenneth Galbraith observed that all financial innovation consists of new ways of disguising leverage.

    Allen Greenspan used that as an excuse to cover his failure of 2008 when he said he didn't understand derivatives.

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    All the bad things in our economy are the result of laws and policies that permitted unregulated financial dealings . And of all the things that were changed to permit the disasters and crashes nothing has been done to reverse them. Even the laws like Dodd Frank are being ignored . Why is that? Or is it an embarrassment that shouldn't be brought up?