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    Republicans in the U.S. Congress have refused to stop funding war crimes around the world ever since they took over the U.S. Congress.

    On March 14, 2018 about 1 million students in all 50 states protested gun violence in America's schools and Republicans still refused to introduce gun control laws and ban the sale of military weapons; so much for giving a damn about the safety of America's young. These protesting students should begin to advocate for boycotting any corporation or business that gives financial support to the NRA.

    Nikke Haley keeps lying to the UN by stating that the American people agree with the insane policies, ideas and actions of her deranged boss.

    The Dodd/Frank bank bill that regulated large banks has been gutted by the Republicans in the U.S. Congress and there is no doubt that a serious financial crash will result.

    The guy that got 11 million from the Robber Barons for that special election in Pennsylvania and who Trump campaigned for; LOST!

    Dems keep supporting Trump's publicity stunts and he keeps making fools of them.

    Number of helicopters the U.S. announced that it would give to Afghanistan's Air Force: 159 and the number of Afghanistan's flight crews in the Afghan military: 4

    Amount the federal government spent between 2006-2016 responding to extreme weather: $357,000,000,000. Minimum number of Americans who registered for federal disaster last year: 4,764,974 and average annual number over the previous decade: 456,998. The price of weather change will be astronomical even if the Republicans keep denying it exists.