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    America's fascist US Government is advocating arming teachers and having armed security guards at polling places.

    The CIA, Homeland Security, NSA and FBI are becoming increasingly fascist in their laws (FISA) policies, ideas, regulations and actions and these agencies are targeting Americans who are demonstrating and protesting against their evil empire.

    America's chief fascist just fired Tillerson of State and replaced him with one of the most flagrant, corrupt, warmongering fascists; Mike Pompeo. And our chief lunatic also appointed Gina Haspel as director of the CIA. Gina Haspel was responsible for the torture and murder of prisoners during the reign of those two war criminals; Bush and Cheney.

    This fascist gun crazy government will only bring more death and grief to the American people and other countries and the only hope left for the American people is to destroy this Oligarchic Fascist Government and replace it with a New Republic.