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    Donald Trump’s further descent into insanity became even more evident this week on his trip to San Diego, where he addressed members of the Marine CORE.

    He viewed prototypes of the border wall, and expressed a strong preference for a “big, beautiful wall’ that you could see through.

    He also threw out the idea of a “Space Force” to fight wars in space.

    If you are a student of history, you’ll recognize why this is another very stupid idea.

    On January 27, 1967, the Outer Space Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in Exploring and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies was opened for signature. As of July, 2017, 107 countries had signed the treaty. Among its principles, it bars states party to the treaty from placing weapons of mass destruction in orbit of Earth, installing them on the Moon or any other celestial body, or otherwise stationing them in outer space. It exclusively limits the use of the Moon and other celestial bodies to peaceful purposes and expressly prohibits their use for testing weapons of any kind.

    In chronical order, here are few other events that relate to space and/or agreements between countries related to world peace:

    In June of 1961, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 53 countries. The treaty set aside the continent as a scientific preserve, and bans military activity on the continent.

    On May 26, 1972, President Richard Nixon and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev signed Salt I in Moscow. In November, 1974, President Gerald Ford and Brezhnev signed Salt II.

    Star Wars was released on May 25, 1977

    On April 21, 1997, Timothy Leary’s ashes were shot into space, and the capsule containing his ashes remained there for six years until it burned up in the atmosphere.

    There is no question that Trump is the most dangerous politician in the world today, and the world will be a lot safer when he is finally removed from power.

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    So I wonder was he puffing peyote or was he sipping mescal before his appearance?
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    I think Trump viewed the Star wars movie and thinks he can copy it real time. But yeah he forgets all the "agreements" . He also forgets that the "agreement" with Iran is not only signed by the US but plenty of other countries. He's ready for the "nut" house.
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    Trump is indeed dangerous, and if he feels his days in office are limited, then he will work to fulfill the last of his campaign promises before he departs, and that includes scuttling the Iran nuclear deal. He will do that for no other reason than it was negotiated by Obama, and it is his "Obama obsession" that drives his presidency in part. Trump is vindictive.

    The other signatory countries will indeed work to preserve the Iran deal, but without the USA it can be tough to hold the deal together. And hey, Iran already has their money that was frozen in US banks. They have little to lose except an attack on the nuclear facilities by Israel based on some "trumped up" propaganda.