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Trumps trips costing fortunes

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    The "asshole" flew with the "big" fuel guzzling plane to San Diego just for the fun to see a mock-ups of his "glorious" wall. He did not even meet with CA "leaders" because they are "Dem's" but of course met with the military.

    Again as I said way before; all his "outings" have cost the tax payers well over a 100 million dollars by now and no one blinks. They threw one guy out of the government because he used private planes. But yeah there are no laws for the president if he spends fortunes for nothing. What a country.

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    He's campaigning. Probably totally legal. And if not, who is going to hold his feet to the fire? Americans someday might realize they elected a dictator, but right now, he is Teflon don.
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    Teflon Don but only to his sheep. The rest of the world (literally) is very unhappy with him / them. If the tide completely turns it may return to more normalcy. We have had a rude awakening but perhaps there's some good comingled. A renewed sense of the importance of voting and being aware of the issues is long overdue.