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The "Leaving with escort" protocol of the Trump White House

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    There seems to be a lot of that going on these days:

    WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, was escorted out of the White House on Monday, two senior administration officials said. The cause of the firing was an unspecified security issue, said a third White House official with knowledge of the situation.

    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders declined to comment saying, “We don’t comment on personnel issues.” Mr. McEntee didn’t return a call seeking comment.

    Tuesday morning, the Trump presidential campaign issued a statement saying that Mr. McEntee will join the 2020 effort as a senior adviser for campaign operations.

    Has an previous White House had a number of leavings with escort? It seems to me to be another one of Trump's major and unprecedented changes to procedure within the White House.

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    If one gives some of this some thought, the only reasons a person or persons is escorted out of a government office or a place of employment are because the employee has done something terribly wrong, has threatened another employee, employer has reason to believe that person needing an escort may walk out with property including documents which belong to the company or documents which are sensitive by nature to government security.

    Persons being fired by this administration is nothing new at all, it's almost a weekly occurrence.