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    I watched MTP and watched the Mnuchin interview. I hope other people who watched this interview realize what Mnuchin's position is in this administration. He is supposed to be secretary of the treasury. Questions put to this trump troll by Chuck Todd were mostly all irrelevant as to Nunchin's position. Trying to change the subject of a question without providing a direct answer to a question posed is now called "to pivot", it's seems all members of the trump cabinet do this and have done it in the past.

    Nunchin, who he is: Steven Terner Mnuchin is an American banker serving as the 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the cabinet of Donald Trump. Previously Mnuchin has been a film producer and hedge fund manager.

    Secretary of the treasury's job title: Chief Executive of the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department is the executive agency responsible for promoting economic prosperity and ensuring the financial security of the United States.

    Why didn't MSNBC not call on Huckerbee Sanders to answer questions on MTP instead of questioning someone who is not a trump spokesperson or even a white house spokesperson?

    puzzling, ain't it?