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    The Biden administration on Tuesday unveiled a national strategy to combat domestic extremism, calling for aggressive steps such as hiring more intelligence analysts and screening government employees for ties to hate groups.

    The 32-page plan highlights a shift in the government’s approach to counterterrorism, which for decades has prioritized fighting foreign terrorists. But violent attacks by American extremists are growing, a problem laid bare by the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

    Mr. Biden ordered the review of how federal agencies addressed domestic extremism soon after coming into office, part of an effort to acknowledge white supremacists and militia groups as top national security threats.

    “We cannot promise that we will be able to disrupt every plot, defuse every bomb or arrest every co-conspirator before they manage to wreak unspeakable horror, but we can promise that we will do everything in our power to prevent such tragedies,” Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said on Tuesday in an address at the Justice Department’s Great Hall.

    The administration also requested over $100 million in additional funds for the Justice Department to hire prosecutors, investigators and analysts.

    The political problem is not new: A warning in a 2009 homeland security report that military veterans returning from combat could be vulnerable to recruitment by terrorist groups or extremists prompted backlash from conservatives, forcing the homeland security secretary at the time, Janet Napolitano, to apologize and retract the report. An edited version was eventually issued, but the political risks of highlighting far-right extremism were clear.

    Under President Donald J. Trump, federal agencies were pressured to divert resources to target the antifa movement and leftist groups despite the conclusion by law enforcement authorities that far-right and militia violence was a more serious threat.§ion=US%20Politics

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    RW noise is hammering the Biden admin., most of it is total BS. I don't like it.
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    Of course not enough. Right now I'm shocked what I saw on TV. An Republican "group" in S.Dakota wants to sent the National Guard (or "troops") to the border in Texas and it will be paid for by an "billionaire" out of another State. Already Abbott in Texas is trying to re-start the building of the wall also with the help of "donations" and "billionaires".

    Someone on TV said that this country has become the same as inRussia, where the "oligards" can do as they please.

    If all of this continues and Biden does not act forcefully, then forget any Federal oversight on any of the 50 States and this country will stay ungovernable, also in the future.

    Maybe "our guy" from Arizona has an complete story of this.

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    I wonder why no one including Arizona did not react on my previous mail. about what is happening with huge consequences. What I wrote about what the Trump Party is doing in Texas as well the border and elsewhere, means that this country is "AWOL" and will go down the drain if such continues.

    Thus no one has an reaction; are the Dem's sound asleep??

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    The Washington examiner states that Nancy Pelosi has canceled the 4th. of July. Hmmm, faux news again. And people really believe this kind of BS.
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    The guy who just killed five people during a deadly rampage in the Denver area, was an author dedicated to alt-right philosophies, including masculine supremacy, contrarian COVID-19 beliefs, and targeted violence against the “weak.”

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    Sheesh. I suppose if he was on a watch list, he would have claimed First Amendment protection from arrest until he actually commits a felony. The scary part is that he is not alone. America is full of these hate-filled Nazi sympathizers hiding under the protection of the US Constitution.

    Arizona and others have discussed here in this thread and elsewhere of how these people get radicalized, yet outside of public shame, it seems we are powerless to stop these kinds of acts. Not all the right-wing extremists (authoritarians) are predisposed from birth. Many of them could be good citizens...your neighbor next door, your high school friends, even your fellow church goers. But secretly they live in an alternative hate-filled world of think-a-likes on internet websites. They believe they are doing right, just like those insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol building.

    See Right Wing Authoritarianism in the Psychology Wiki.

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    After FOX called Arizona for Biden, it lost some of its audience to more extreme outlets, like Newsmax and One America News.

    Yesterday in the mail, my wife got a copy of the Newsmax magazine in the mail, and I have NO IDEA how she got on their mailing list.

    As I scanned through the contributors, I realized that many had connections to FOX

    Biil O'Reilly was fired by FOX in 2917

    Ben Stein is an actor, comedian and anti-science advocate.

    Dick Morris was a Clinton advisor, buy later moved to FOX, where he worked until 2012

    Sean Spicer was the White House Press Secretary until 2017

    Betty McCaughey was on the Trump. She was married to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from 2005 ti 2010

    Dr. Oz is a psuedo science medical advisor

    Eric Bolling was fired by FOX in 2017

    Rob Schmitt worked for FOX from 2016-2020

    Diamond and Silk were fired by DOX in 2020

    Sebastian Gorka was a Trump advisor for 7 months in 2017

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    Arizona has shifted to the right, as evidenced by the the antics of Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, both of whom were involved in the planning for January 6. Additionally, Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA) has put on some rallies the state

    Steve Benson summed up the situation yesterday.

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    Reuters reported in October 2021 that Robert Herring Sr. testified in court that the network was created at the urging of executives of AT&T, which through its subsidiary DirecTV has since been the source of up to 90% of the network's revenues.[31] DirecTV notified OANN in January 2022 that it would not renew their contract when it expires in April 2022.[32]

    Its prime-time political talk shows have a conservative perspective, and the channel has described itself as one of the "greatest supporters" of Trump.[33] Trump himself has promoted both the network and some of its hosts.[4][34][35][36]

    The channel is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.[46] In November 2020, YouTube suspended OANN for one week and ended its ability to monetize its existing content as a first strike under its three-strike community guideline violation policy for advertising a false cure for COVID-19.[44] In 2021, the channel was sued by Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic for promoting false claims that the companies had engaged in election fraud during the 2020 presidential election.[47][48]

    The crazy people still have FOX, Newsmax, and Joe Rogen to listed to, but it looks like One America News is gong to be history. OANN was the only network that was allowed to have reporters on site during Arizona's "fraudit".

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    I was in a classroom briefly this morning with a woman who is reading Mark Levin's " American Marxism" . Fortunately, I did not have to spend much time in the room, which saved my from slapping her silly.

    Mark Levin is a CONSERVATIVE lawyer, author and radio personality. Since 2015, Levin has been editor-in-chief of the Conservative Review and is known for his incendiary commentary.

    He has been described as "right-wing" by The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and Politico. He is known for his incendiary criticisms of Democrats and encouragement of primary challenges to congressional Republicans that he considers to be "Republican In Name Only" (RINO). He endorsed Ted Cruz in the 2016 Republican presidential primary and declared himself "Never Trump", but reluctantly endorsed Donald Trump after Trump won the Republican nomination. Since the start of the Trump presidency, Levin's commentary has become strongly pro-Trump.

    In 2021, Levin published American Marxism, a book written in reaction to the events that have transpired so far in 2021 and also seeks to characterize the Marxist attributes of the American Left. As of November 14, 2021, the book had spent 16 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List for nonfiction.

    A 2016 study which sought to measure incendiary discourse on talk radio and TV found that Levin scored highest on its measure of "outrage". The study looked at 10 prominent radio and television programs, known for incendiary discourse on political matters, and scored content on the basis of whether it used "emotional display", "misrepresentative exaggeration", "mockery", "conflagration", "slippery slope", "insulting" or "obscene language", and other factors, finding that Levin was the radio host who engaged in the most outrage. The study found that he utilized "outrage speech or behavior at a rate of more than one instance per minute." In How Democracies Die, Harvard University political scientists Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky write that Mark Levin was among the popular right-wing talk radio hosts who "helped to legitimate the use of uncivil discourse" in American politics, and contribute to the erosion of democratic norms. According to Politico, Levin has a "penchant for hysteria."

    Forbes published an article in July of 2015 that explains why people like Mark Levin are heading the way of dinosaurs:

    Their demographic is aging. It's the 70-year-old, white, Protestant farmer in a small town Nebraska who's listening to these guys because he's driving in his car. Or it's the listener driving a lot in the suburbs. And it's a shrinking demographic. For every white farmer in the heartland who dies, he's being replaced by a 25-year-old Hispanic living in the Bronx. It's just the way America is going right now.

    NPR analyzed one of this prior books - and it was not pretty.

    On his show, Levin speaks in the unmistakable tenor of a man experiencing road rage or shouting at a customer service representative.

    But the book is largely filler. Quotations and paraphrasing make up the majority of the book's central chapters. Lengthy and irrelevant block quotes from historians about, say, colonial printing practices ("The use of type commenced in Virginia about 1681...") give the book the air of a padded student essay. He has boasted that the book's chapter on The New York Times would contain major revelations: "What the New York Times did has not been well exposed in the popular culture, and I'm doing it." But in the book, he simply quotes the work of well-known scholars and journalists on the Times' mid-20th century failure to cover the extent of the Holocaust. He conducts no interviews, presents no original research, and visits no newsrooms.

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    State senator Wendy Rogers has just been censured by the Arizona legislature.

    Rogers is in her first term in elected office but has built a national profile among the far right with inflammatory rhetoric and vociferous support for former President Donald Trump's false claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

    Pressure mounted within the GOP this week after she said over the weekend that her political opponents should face a “newly built set of gallows.” She spoke at the America First Political Action Conference, a white nationalist gathering.

    Rogers has also tweeted criticism of Ukraine and its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as they fight back against a Russian invasion.

    She was elected with support from the state's GOP establishment, which poured money into her 2020 race to secure the GOP's one-seat majority in the Senate. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey said last week “she’s still better than her opponent.”

    The censure of Rogers, believed to be the first censure of an Arizona lawmaker in decades, was based formally on her threats to hang political opponents. Some Republicans have in recent days gone farther.

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    How come that these people are still tolerated here by the "leaders" of the GOP. It seems that they all have become members of an US Nazi party who want to destroy this country. Also these people have no clue of what is happening in the Ukraine.

    Censure is not enough; park them in jail or Guantanamo jail in Cuba, if it is still there.

    What is happening in the Ukraine is just plain criminal and the international court should drag Putin for the judge NOW!

    Just ruining and killing an country for nothing is pure "barbaric"

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    Wendy Rogers is using her censure as a fund raising tool - which has pissed off the GOP, who have vowed to take additional steps to punish here.