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so what do you make of N Korea's offer?

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    jaredsxtn Wrote:

    North Korea is not going to give up their nuclear weapons no matter what. Donald's handlers obviously understand that, but Donald can't help himself and has likely become convinced that he and he alone will be the person who finally solves the decades old problem on the Korean Peninsula.

    Several political analysts have pointed out what is rather obvious to everyone but trump. The only reason NK gets the world's attention, and can make demands, is because they are building a nuclear weapons system, so why would they negotiate away the one thing that gives them influence\power\self-protection, and a seat at the grown-ups table.

    From the movie Grand Canyon. Gang Leader "Rocstar": "No gun, no respect, that is why I always got the gun"

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    I think Kim is "playing" with Trump as well the S. Koreans; if Trump falls for the "bait" and only thinks he'll be a hero, the world will laugh. Indeed N. Korea will keep their "toys" in order to keep everyone on their toes. It is their "leverage". As I said the only thing they want is that the "sanctions" are lifted; Trump may just do that and believe they will stop developing their "toys" . If he goes there then I bet he will be invited to see the biggest "parade" ever, as only N.Korea does. So he will be charmed all the way and then gives the "store" away as he always does.
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    Kim visited XI of China yesterday; I bet that they talked about Trump. Due to the fact that both countries are fed up with Trump (China now as well because of "tariffs") then of course N. Korea as well China will agree together on how to get the US of their "backs". Thus Trump may think he "won" through "bullying", but he probably will be made a lame duck by them. Also Trump has no longer an "qualified" negotiation team; he sent them all out of the door and likely can't find replacements on short notice. On top of it the Bolton effect won't help either but may lead to war. Furthermore if Trump feels cornered due to all the "shit" surrounding him, he may opt for a "war".

    Don't forget that S.Korea has no "ambassador" either as well is also fed up with the "tariffs" as well 25000 US military stationed there since 1947 for which the US wants "payment"

    Thus wait and see who "wins"; I think it will be China/N. Korea.

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    Kim is dictator. He is not recognized by any country ,other than China , in the world. No legitimate world leader will allow him to attend even a minor conference. Just like several countries are playing Jared because he is a moron ,they are also playing the fat idiot ,because he is a moron.

    These people are idiots. Make no mistake. They are stupid people . They are all being taken advantage of, by every evil clown in the world. Every corporations plots to take advantage these morons. Every despot is working overtime to get their share of the booty they can steal because we have morons in our White house being supported by the republican party

    Kim wants to be recognized as a leader, he's not a leader he is a criminal ,holding a nation hostage.

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    I recall hearing somewhere that this is standard for NK. They cause an uproar because there are sanctions in place including on food, there are meetings held, they agree to stop doing something, some sanctions are lifted, after a period of time they start in the same or similar activity, sanctions are put in place, they engage in more verbal sparring, meetings are offered, meetings take place, they agree to stop the activity and round and round it goes.
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    No, look at it from their point of view; it is their area of the world. The US is an "foreign" country which does not fit into their culture. North and South Korea are having an dialog on the 27th of April. What they both and China wants is that the US departs from S. Korea and no longer interferes; that is the objective. China wants "neighbors who get along" without "foreign interference".

    It is as simple as that; they will negotiate such "hopefully" on their own. Perhaps they only invite Trump when they have reached their goal, just to say "good by" Trump; go back to your "hut"