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it's too bad that we all can't speak Russian

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    Al Jazeera has revealed that Elliott Broidy, a top Trump fundraiser, is being investigated for political advocacy on behalf of a Russian bank (VTB) that is blacklisted by both the United States and the European Union. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a guest at VTB Bank’s investor conference every year.

    Broidy is/was the national deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. Like Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, he is likely in violation of the US Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    If there are any Russian trolls reading this, I just have this to say:

    Оставьте нас в покое

    I hope that Mr. Broidy comes to the attention of Robert Mueller.

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    Salon published an article yesterday that could, in theory, force Trump out of office. According to investigative report Craig Unger, Trump has been laundering money for the Russian mafia for 35 years, and a few of them even owned apartments in trump Tower.

    Trump first went to Russia in 1987. Even though his failed casinos left him $4 billion in debt, Russian money helped him bounce back. To quote Donald Jr., "we get all the money we want from Russia".

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    How long is Mueller going to wait though? At this rate Trump's 4 year term will be up by the time he makes his move and would just not run again if he knew Mueller had the goods. Impeachment of Trump will give the Country Pence. A much more conservative figure. Getting rid of Trump may very well lead to even more problems instead of solving them. If he is to be impeached for being in bed with the Russians then it will be well deserved but that's not the end of Conservative Power by any stretch.
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    Yes you are correct; if you remove Trump, then things may even get worse if you leave the rest of the "mafia" in power. If Pence is appointed then Kavanaugh, McConnell, Graham, Orin Hatch, Miller, Jordan, Ross, Meadows, Pompeo, Kelly and the fat lady all will stay. So no progress unless all these idiots are removed.