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Will gun control be different this time ?

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    Although there were numerous amazing wins this week, the sweetest victory belongs to Tom Sullivan in Colorado.

    His son was killed in the Aurora theater shooting, and he just defeated an incumbent who has an 'A'rating from

    the NRA

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    wwjd Wrote:

    So when was the last time you read anything about what is being done to prevent school shootings?

    As previously noted, the only time there is talk about doing something is when there is a bunch a dead kids shot dead by a white teenage boy who has access to weapons.

    School is about to start throughout the country, which means its open season for kid hunting over the course of the next 9 months.

    Prediction: 2018-2019 will set a new record for school deaths ,new record number for school shootings, and a new record of number of deaths in a single school shooting. NRA will double down by promoting new laws that require teachers to carry loaded weapons while on school grounds. Teachers not carrying a weapon will be subject to being fired for not having required equipment.

    Question: Can't a taser or mace be a better option?

    Teachers with guns are not a logical thought out proposal.

    I have given a lot of thought to face to face confrontations with guns involving a criminal and a non criminal. The prime motive of the criminal is to cause injury and death. The motivation of the peacekeeper is to avoid violence. I believe most people would not take the life of the criminal in a way that would stop a tragedy. In the instant that a teacher might try to negotiate or transpose the person in front of them into a monster they probably would be murdered. Consideration of where the bullet might go, unintentional consequences, might be enough time to allow the perpetrator to murder the teacher.